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22-23 November 2017,Khorramabad City,Iran
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Full Papers and Abstracts are invited to submit. All submissions to the conference will be reviewed by at least two independent peers for technical merit and content. Interesting topics are listed below for your reference only,and not limited to the following topics:

1. Globalization and Localization: Comparing educational policies in different countries,impact of globalization on local cultures,languages,or traditions especially in Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

2. Quantity and Quality of Education: Comparing countries in terms of educational quantitative and qualitative indicators,teacher education system,learning styles,lifelong learning and performance of countries in international tests.

3. Knowledge Economy and Marketization of education: Knowledge economy theories,Internationalization of higher education,the experience of multilingual schools,shadow education,the share of households in educational costs

4. New Educational Technologies: International experiences of online learning (E-Learning) and mobile learning (M-Learning),relationship between technology and learners behaviors

5. Equity and Efficiency: Inequality in access,process and outcomes at different educational levels,inequality between social groups (race,gender,ethnic),elitism in education,training and employment,teachers’ salary

6. Educational Management and Programs: Comparative analysis of leadership in schools,politicization of educational leadership,educational administration and extra-curricular activities

7. Theory and Methodology in Comparative Education: Role of theory and method in comparative education,new methods of research (Boolean method,fuzzy method,network analysis),dimensions and characteristics of comparative research,comparative education approaches (post-structuralism,post-colonialism,feminism,postmodernism,world-systems,critical theory and Islamic philosophy)

8. Educational Systems and Cultural Crises: Tradition and modernity in educational systems in MENA,role of formal and non-formal education in violence,religious extremism and the role of education policies,cultural dialogues,The image of Muslims in School textbooks

9. Teacher Education: comparative studies on teacher education curricula,teacher proffesional competencies,reform and innovation in teacher innovaition programme(international experiencees),new models of teacher education(narrative studies,lesson study,action research),multicultulural studies in teacher educations,organizational sructures and arrangements,social status of teaching proffesion.
About five to ten percent (5-10%) of accepted papers will be selected as Best Papers. The Best Papers list will be announced in conference program. All registered manuscripts will be published in the Proceedings of First International Conference on Comparative Education.

Full Papers and Abstracts are invited to submit. Farsi & English are the official languages of the conference. Competitive papers will be recommended for fast-track reviews to the following Journals. All full papers presented in the conference will be considered for possible publication in Iranian Journal of Comparative Education (IJCE) (English Language),a referred and series publication of CESIR and below journals (Farsi Language):

1.    Quarterly Journal of Education ( ISSN 1017-4133)

2.    Quarterly Journal of Family and Research ( an ISC journal)

3.    Quarterly Journal of Educational and Scholastic Studies ( an ISC journal)

4.    Quarterly Journal of Wise Teacher Education ( an ISC journal)

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Important Dates
1.   Conference Date: Wedensday,November 22,2017

2.   Abstract Deadline: Thursday,September 21,2017

3.   Full Paper Deadline: Saturday,October 7,2017
Conference Venue:
Lorestan University (Khorramabad) Department of Education,Faculty of Literature &Humanities,Lorestan University,Khorramabad,LorestanProvince,Iran
Should you have any questions,concerns,or suggestions,please contact the Secretariat of FICCE at infoen@conference.cesir.ir

Sunday 23 April 2017

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